Process Gas Mixture

Using Pure Gases as ingredient - Process Gas mixtures are Prepared and mixed to attain homogeneity for particular process to achieve desired result. Few examples of Process Gas Mixture are listed below.

1.Laser Gas Mixture
Co2-1.7% to 5.0%+N2-16% to 65 to He-31% to 82% -CGM03112510
2.Anaerobic Gas Mixture
Co2-10%+ H2-5% to 10%+N2-80%to85% -CGM03114710
Co2-70%+N2 Bal -CGM02114730
CO2-20%+AR-80% -CGM02110410
C02-8.0%+AR-40%+N2-52% -CGM03114750
5.IG 55/Argonite
AR-50% +N2-50% -CGMO2044710
6.Carbogen gas mixture
Co2-5.0%+O2 Bal -CGM02115410
7.Entonox Gas Mixture
N2O-50%+O2-50% -CGM02495410
8.Slope Gas
Co2-10%+o2-0% to 12%+N2 Bal -CGM03114710
9.Regeneration Gas mixture
H2-5% to 10%+AR Bal -CGM02290410
10.Synthetic Air
02-20.9%+N2-79% -CGM02544710
CO-60%+C02-40% -CGM02111210
12.LEL Gas Mixture
40%-60% LEL Methane in Air Bal -CGM02366820
50% LEL Propane in Air Bal -CGM02606820
H2 50% LEL in Air Bal -CGM02296820
13.Liquid Gas Mixture
Propylene-20%+isobutene-80% -CGMO2603110
CO-0.3%+HE-10%-18%+O2-21%+N2 Bal -CGM04124710
CO-0.3%+CH4-0.3%+O2-21%+N2 Bal -CGM04364710
Co-0.3%+CH4-0.3%+AR-1%+O2-21%+N2 Bal -CGM05364710
Co-0.3%+CH4-0.3%+Acetylene-0.3%+O2-21%+N2 Bal -CGM05364710

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