Gas Pressure Regulator

Gas Pressure Regulator - an essential tool for gas handling system - is a device to control ‘downstream pressure’ from ‘upstream source’ in line with required working pressure that allows optimum gas to flow into the system. To use in Specialty Gases, the regulator must be made with stainless steel or chrome-plated brass depending on the purity level and corrosiveness of the pure gas or gas mixture. For Specialty gas Application Pressure Regulator are fitted with stainless steel diaphragm and Mechanically linked to the poppet assembly to provide sealing integrity. Apart from being a high sensitive control device proper sealing diaphragm also prevents the diffusion of atmospheric oxygen into the carrier gases.

For Pressure control either stainless steel Diaphragm ( for low and medium pressure at downstream ) or stainless steel Piston ( for high downstream pressure ) being used. Reduction of pressure in the regulator can be done either in single stage ( one step Reduction ) or in Double stage ( Reduction in two steps ). Inlet Pressure gauge indicates cylinder pressure or the source pressure. Outlet Pressure gauge indicates the pressure at which it is being delivered in the system.

How do you order for a Pressure Regulator? – There are two ways

  • If you are aware of the specification, please see below selection guide, write down accordingly and send to us for pricing and deliver schedule
  • If you are not aware of the specification, please send following information to us to guide you
  • Purpose or where you want to use the Regulator,
  • Service / name of the Gas for which you require the Regulator
  • Required Working Pressure or Pressure Range at the outlet

We are given below a chart as a guide for selection of regulators. In case all parameters are not known to the user, at least working pressure, gas service and mounting can be intimated to us so that we can decide on the model and supply suitable regulator.

REF No. Description
1 Outlet Gauge
2 Inlet Gauge
3 Inlet Nut
4 Metal Filter
5 Inlet Bullnose Connection
6 Outlet Connection
7 Adj. Screw Lever Assembly
8 Bonnet Insert
9 Regulator Bonnet
10 Spring Button
11 Spring
12 Slip Ring
13 Diaphragm Assembly
14 Seat Housing
15 Seat Washer
16 Seat Assembly
17 Spring
18 Stem Guide Assembly
19 Body


  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen/Argo/Helium
  • Air
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Hydrogen
  • Dissolved Acetylene
  • Ammonia
  • Methane
  • Propone
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Chlorine
  • Gas Mixture LH
  • Gas Mixture RH


  • Body of the Regulators are made from either Chrome Plated Brass or Stainless Steel depending on gas service
  • All regulators have Stainless Steel Diaphragm or Piston for accurate and stable Pressure Control
  • Design of the Regulator depends on Upstream pressure, Downstream pressure and Working pressure
  • Regulators connection depends on its mounting of regulator either directly to the Cylinder or Manifold or in Line; the inlet and outlet connection
  • Gas Service also an important feature for selection of regulator
  • All regulators are Diffusion Resistant to use in high purity gas service


Body & Stages(A) Pressure Reducing Method(B) Upstream Pressure gauge Range(C) Delivery Pressure gauge Range(D) Inlet Connection(F) Outlet Connection(G)
Single Stage Chrome plated Brass A1 Diaphragm(SS 316) D 0-300 bar(0-4500 psi)C1 0-17m bar (0-25psi) D1 5/8" BSP RH F1 1/4" Nut Ferrule G1
Single Stage Stainless Steel 304 A2 Piston P 0-280 bar(0-4000 psi)C2 0-2.1 bar (0-30psi)D2 5/8" BSP LH F2 1/2" Nut Ferrule G2
0-7 bar (0-100 psi)D3
Single Stage Stainless Steel 316 A3 0-125 bar (0-1781 psi) C3 0-16 bar(0-230psi) D4 1/4" FNPT F3 4mm-12mm Push Fit G3 1/4"
Double Stage Chrome plated Brass A4 0-40 bar(0-570 psi) C4 0-10 bar (0-150 psi) D5 1/2" FNPT F4 1/4" FNPT F3 1/4" MBSP/NPT G4 1/2"
Double Stage Stainless Steel 304 A5 0-16 bar(0-300 psi)C5 0-100 bar (0-1500psi)D6 1" FNPT F5 MBSP/NPT G5
Double Stage Stainless Steel 316 A6 0-7 bar(0-100 psi)C6 0-150 bar(0-2100) D7

It is essential to use right equipment and proper distribution system when using Specialty Gases. We can serve you in need. Following equipments in various specifications are available. Please ask for an offer.

Pressure Regulator Gas Manifold Purge System Gas cabinet
Valves Gauges Flow meter Flexible hose
Cylinder holder Cylinder trolley Gas distribution system


Normally while handling the chemicals and gas process we need to be careful. The equipments developed at CHEMIX industry are highly safe. We stand on our customer shoes while constructing Gas handling equipments. So that our customers can work more safely with gaseous mixtures and process related to chemicals and gases.

We request users to discuss with us their specific needs.
MSDS furnished on request
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